Stammering Control When You Meet Someone New

Having a stammer is definitely no fun. It may appear to be the case for fluent speakers in their immature years, but be warned, those impressions created in your younger years, are the reason you’re still struggling with a stammer in adulthood. You see, when you first meet someone – anyone – be it for […]

Adjusting Your Attitude To Stammering

Have you ever thought stammering can be fun? Not many affected with it have that thought, but they can enjoy challenges. Do you? Perhaps that’s what’s missing in your life, a little challenge. What do you do before you tackle anything? Prepare. Stammering isn’t something you’re going to get rid of in a hurry. Nor […]

Know Thy Enemy: Control the Stammer

Living with a stammer often means waking up every morning getting ready for battle. You just know the day ahead is going to be filled with anxiety, fear and quite possibly some embarrassing moments. Word fumbling isn’t any fun and while you can spend your entire life trying to control a stammer with many of […]

How VoIP Can Improve Your Communication

Technology’s being used everywhere we look, from social conversation to formal job interviews and conference meetings. Do you use Skype, or Messenger, or Face-Time? If not, why not? They are great tools for those looking to get a better understanding into how they communicate. For example, on Skype, people with a stammer can take advantage […]

A Simple Way To Stammer Less

When you reach adulthood and are still stammering, you’ve a major problem on your hands. Childhood intervention is always best and the reason why it’s best is something everyone who has carried a stammer into his or her adult life should remember. The reason it’s harder to speak better as adults who stammer is you’ve […]

How To Live A Happy Life Even With A Stammer

Having a stammer doesn’t discount you from living a happy life. It’s all about acceptance. If you can’t accept yourself for who you are, you’ll struggle to find a real friend in life, let alone a lifelong partner. One of the many reasons people constantly battle with their speech impediment is simply down to negative […]

5 Speaking Tips For Fluent Speakers And Those With A Stammer

Speakers’ anxiety hits everyone so it’s not isolated to just those with a stammer. Because it’s a widely known problem, there’s so much you can learn from everything to do with speaking. Take yourself away from the stammering mentality and bring yourself into groups with one focus… speaking better. Universal speaking tips for fluent speakers […]