Theories About Stammering And What To Take From Them

Speech impediments date as far back as 384 BC and there’s still no cure for stammering that has been found. Demosthenes was an orator in Ancient Athens, which is what we call a public speaker. He rehearsed for his speeches with marbles in his mouth. Do you fancy doing that? There’s no need; don’t worry. […]

What Stammering Fix Will Work for You?

Every person with a stammer wants to know the ultimate cure. “How to overcome a stammer” is typed into a search engine, and up pops a variety of results, all with different methodologies, and next to no verifiable evidence that the program will work effectively. Why no stammering cures are guaranteed Okay, you might get […]

Why Your Fluency Will Never Be Perfect

There’s one almighty goal for nearly every single person with a stammer and that’s to overcome it and to emerge victorious with 100% fluency. Newsflash: It’s never going to happen! Have you ever heard someone speak for the first time and not utter the word em, eh, or um? No? Maybe you can’t think of […]

What Do People Think Of Me When I Stammer?

For all of you reading this that have a life history of stammering, you’ll have pondered this question many a time. Likely, many times a day and it’s the wrong question to ask. What others think of you is secondary to what you think of yourself. You have to develop your own understanding of your […]

How Stammering Affects Careers And What To Do To Succeed

The one thing every job candidate focuses on is personal presentation. Only people that have a stammer though have one larger problem to turn their attention to. The communication battle! Whilst every candidate in the running for the job will have the same concerns, for the stammerer, it is an almighty challenge and a recipe […]

Study Your Own Speech Patterns To Pave Your Way to Fluency

Stammering, in most cases is psychological. There are certain medical conditions that can contribute to stammering, and if that is the case, then it’s going to be far more difficult to achieve fluent speech. For the majority of people who have a stammer though, the problem is psychological. It’s a habit that’s formed, usually in […]

Recognising Stammering As An Organism

The definition of an organism is a living thing. It’s something we can see hence it tells us that it is real. For a stammerer, on the surface of things, the stammer tells them the problem is real. Yet, there are so many people who feel that they have cured their stammer, and then all […]

Beating The Psychological Stammer Away

There’s a lot to be said about research, and the variety of supposed ways and home remedies (if there is such a thing) to cure a stammer. It could be said that it’s rare for any to work. Especially those that say you can do it in a class or two. It takes time, and […]