Childhood Stammering

Childhood stammering is actually fairly common and normally occurs between the ages of 2 and 5 years. In fact, all of us can be subject to stammering, especially when in highly stressful situations. Most children grow out of their stammers as their language skills evolve, but for some it can become a problem that affects […]

Focus Your Energy On Self-Esteem And Not The Stammer

Happy New Year – Let’s make it one to remember! As each year comes and goes, so do the resolutions. Most of the time the same thing happens; whatever you commit to changing, the enthusiasm wears thin a few months in and you find yourself right back at square one. If you’ve made a commitment […]

A Stammering Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Bedtime Stories!

It’s almost every stammering parent’s worst nightmare; reading your child a bedtime story, when you seem to be more proactive in finding alternative words to read the story aloud, without stammering in front of your child. It is a scary thought and the one thing that’s going to be overpowering your imagination is the fear […]

The Social Change Of Accepting And Coping With Stammering

In a sometimes fierce social sphere, society has come a long way at recognising the stigma associated with stammering. Years back, parents would notice their child stammering; make an appointment with the GP, head there; only to be told it’s nothing to worry about as he or she will grow out of it. Well, now […]

Is Having A Stammer Really That Bad?

Could it be possible that having a stammer could cause depression so severe that you would contemplate giving it all up? For what reason would people do such a thing? Is it because they simply want to speak like everyone else? Depression and stammering are not that uncommon. As someone who has been there, I […]

Approaching Your Speech As An Athletic Sport

As a former stammerer, I can’t begin to explain how intolerable those latter years were before I developed fluency. Words don’t go anywhere close to describing the reality of the nightmare, but if you want to read my best efforts at describing it, you can read my attempt here. No doubt, if you have a […]

My Quest To Find A Stammering Therapy Specialist

Remember the days when broadband wasn’t in every home? When you wanted to know the latest news, the fastest thing was Ceefax! Those were the days when at the ripe age of eighteen, I sat down with my parents and let them know the speech therapy they’d invested in for the past thirteen years to […]

How Do You Cure A Stammer?

Three times this week this question (the one which is the title of this post) has been put to me and understandably so, as it’s a problem thousands of people have with not much in the way of solutions. The same question is one I’m very well acquainted with as I used to ask this […]

Building The Foundations For Fluent Communication

Within the UK, it’s estimated that four and a half million adults have some type of speech impediment. A half million of those are adults that have a stammer. Those statistics alone speak volumes, but unfortunately, it’s not loud enough. The fact is that stammering, despite affecting thousands is not something generally considered to be […]