Building The Foundations For Fluent Communication

Within the UK, it’s estimated that four and a half million adults have some type of speech impediment. A half million of those are adults that have a stammer.

Those statistics alone speak volumes, but unfortunately, it’s not loud enough.

The fact is that stammering, despite affecting thousands is not something generally considered to be a disability. And it isn’t. It’s a disadvantage but not a disability recognised to stop anyone succeeding in life.

When you reach your adult age, you’re literally catapulted in the fierce world of employment, without the real skills to cope. The job interviews alone are an obstacle.

Is there a stigma attached?

If it is, it shouldn’t be as not one person is responsible for the whole of society.

Everyone though has the power to better themselves in whichever way they feel is suited to them. It’s why each of us can choose our career paths early on, and change later in life if we desire to take a different path.

Life’s full of choices.

Not that we can choose our employers every time. But we can build stronger foundations to influence our communication with perspective employers.

Communication skills are massively important in the modern world

For adults that have a stammer, there’s a collection of self-help therapies available here, and if you’re in the vicinity of Birmingham, I can offer to help you one to one.

You’ll also see that I offer the downloadable therapy products free of charge to school children, because those half million adults with a stammer, should have access to speech fluency techniques before being unleashed into the real world.

It can and should be done as early in life as possible. It’s about refining the way we speak and adapting new speech patterns, free from the flaws of stammering.

I believe that can be addressed early in everyone. It took me from the age of four to twenty-two before I was able to develop my own techniques to achieve fluency.

The best skill every one of us can have is communication. Without it, we’re not equipped to handle the real life situations that adults face every day.

Stammering is a characteristic.

The thing that it does is put you at a disadvantage.

Mastering the art of communication is something we’re all capable of. It’s in each and every one of us and it’s not prejudice to age discrimination either.

Regardless the age, it can be overcome.

Note that word “overcome” because only the person with the affliction is the person can overcome it. There is no cure, magic pill, or universal mind hack to instantly make you fluent.

Proven cures are non-existent. In fact, there’s not one single conclusive study been done to understand the underlying causes of stammering.

• Is it hereditary?
• Is it physiological?
• Is it neurological?
• Is it psychological?
• Is it to do with the environment we grew up in?

The truth as it is right now in the kingdom of research – No-one has any idea what causes stammering!

Therefore, there is no universal proven stammering cure to instantly achieve fluent speech.

What there are though are effective management techniques, making it possible for anyone to overcome a stammer.

I’m talking proof of that.

Communication for adults with a stammer is an obstacle; an obstacle that be defeated, by overcoming the stammer.

Mastering the techniques to do that is what will lead to efficient communication, which in itself is a life skill every one of us requires.

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