Childhood Stammering

Childhood stammering is actually fairly common and normally occurs between the ages of 2 and 5 years. In fact, all of us can be subject to stammering, especially when in highly stressful situations.

Most children grow out of their stammers as their language skills evolve, but for some it can become a problem that affects their whole childhoods and into adulthood.

My own personal experience began at the age of 4, and plagued me my entire childhood, and into early adulthood.

Stress can play a big part in how much a child stammers. I found it far easier to speak to my parents with whom I felt relaxed and safe, than I did in front of my peers at school, who like most children were quick to ridicule anyone who stood out, or appeared different.

A school environment, or indeed any environment where there are a lot of people and/or strangers present, is always going to create a stressful situation for any young child.

‘When I try to speak, I get scared because I think I am going to stammer, and I am afraid what people will think.’   Quote from a young child with a stammer

A lot of young children with stammers end up withdrawn and depressed at a time when they should be carefree and having fun.

Stammering can be tiring, both physically and mentally. Such continued focus and stress can lead to difficulty breathing, tense muscles in the neck, jaw, upper back and chest. Constant tiredness can arise, borne of the never ending worry about what to say, and more importantly, how to say it.

This is pretty much what my childhood looked like to me, and by the time I had progressed to ‘senior’ school (at the age of 11), my stammer had a strong hold on me. I was plain miserable, and the next five years were among the worst in my life.

It is because of my own experience with stammering that I want to reach out and help other children going through the same.

Sadly, I didn’t find the techniques that I needed to change my own story until I was 22. But when I did, I never looked back. If I can help just one child to overcome his or her stammer with what I have learned then I will be a happy man. I am confident though that the methods that I used can help many, many children have a happy childhood, and not be shrouded under the dark cloud that stammering can cause.

This is why all my self-help products and tools are available to any UK schoolchild, totally FREE of charge.

My DVDs, e-books and audiobook will walk you through the techniques that helped me put my stammer behind me.

Overcoming a stammer is possible

I invite anyone from the media who would like to feature this offer to get in touch with me (details below), in the hope that we can help as many children as possible get the assistance that they need.

No child has to go through their school years, and indeed their formative years, unable to communicate, and feeling isolated and alone.

If you are a parent or teacher who wishes to help a child in your care, then please contact me.

If you are a child who is struggling with a stammer, and you want some help, then please show this website to your parent or guardian, and ask that they contact me on your behalf.

You can reach me via email at:

Or by phone:

Landline – 0121 453 9208

Mobile – 07967 549 070


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