How Do You Cure A Stammer?

Three times this week this question (the one which is the title of this post) has been put to me and understandably so, as it’s a problem thousands of people have with not much in the way of solutions.

The same question is one I’m very well acquainted with as I used to ask this regularly to my parents, therapists, teachers, friends and anyone else who would listen.

For those who aren’t familiar with me, watched any of my videos or read my site… let me quickly fill you in.

My name is Stephen Hill and my stammer began at the age of four, continuing until I was around twenty-two. At twenty-two, I was still at a loss as to exactly how to cure a stammer.

I’d attended speech therapy from five years of age and finally gave up the ghost at the age of eighteen.

As much as speech therapists are super nice people, empathetic and great listeners, they weren’t all that beneficial to helping me conquer the battle as I was still stammering.

I didn’t see the point.

If thirteen years in therapy was to tell me anything, it was that it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t working as results were not forthcoming.

All around me, I had people telling me constantly to just accept it.

• You’ve a stammer Steve.

• Just deal with it and accept it.

• There’s nothing you can do about it – Live with it.

• It can’t be cured.

• Don’t try to beat it, just shoot for controlling it.

Apparently it’s easier to control your speech than to try to cure a stammer.

“Controlled” to me is the wrong word. I never wanted to control my speech. My goals were set on achieving fluent speech and at the age of twenty-two, it had dawned on me that the only way I was going to reach that goal was to help myself.

I’d tried the therapy path, and don’t get me wrong, I met some good people during those years but my speech impediment was still troublesome.

What I wanted, supposedly never existed.

I needed to help myself. I needed my own solution and that’s what I set about to do.

Wanting the freedom to speak fluently

I wanted to be free!

Free from the fear of stammering and free from the stammer itself. This is something I eventually attained and I’m super proud of it.

In just under a year I’d went from a mumbly speaker, lacking in confidence, hesitant with words, with speech that was heavily impeded with stammering to a fluent talker.

I went from A to B, from having to stammer to complete fluency through the powers of observation.
I had achieved my lifetime goal.

Away from the nightmares I faced for years, fighting the communication battle every day and it’s a goal I’m passionate about helping others reach.

Taking people out of the controlled speech mindset and setting them free from the dilemma of stammering.

What I learned through trial, error, perseverance, and complete disregard to the doubters who consistently planted the seeds in my mind that it was impossible to cure a stammer – I proved them wrong and for those who are still asking how to cure a stammer, I really want you to prove your doubters wrong too.

I went on to put what I had learned into a complete course showing the process I took to overcome the stammer and take others away from controlled speech and offer the power to become fluent in speech.

The courses are made available on DVD, audio book and eBook and available right here on the site you’re on now.

To the bottom right of your screen you’ll see an arrow pointing upwards. Click on it and browse around. There’s information about myself there, my self-help products, the approach I took to cure the stammer, and you’ll probably be able to relate to the page about how the stammer impacted on my life.

Of course the essential contact details are there too but for the convenience of any questions you have, I’m reachable on:


Landline: 0121 453 9208

Mobile: 07967 549 070

Steve Hill

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