How Long Does It Take To Overcome A Stammer?

I welcome you to watch my latest video below where I discuss how long it takes to overcome a stammer. I have included the video transcription for those people that would prefer to read than watch etc.

Video Transcription:

Hello! This morning I received an email from Pete, who is from Essex here in England. Pete asked, “How long will it take me to achieve fluency if I attend one of your speech courses?”

Now this is a question I’m asked on a regular basis, therefore, I decided it would be a good idea to include it in one of these video blog posts.

As you may well imagine, there is no definitive answer as to how long it takes. We’re all different, we’re all individuals, we all learn at different speeds, we all have different types of lives as in how hectic they are, how busy we are; therefore, we all have a different amount of time that we’re able to spend practicing to make these techniques a natural part of our speech.

What I do provide as an answer and I will here, is how long it took for me to achieve fluency. To start with, I developed the techniques and it took me around six months to formulate them all, to work out what I believed were the necessary steps/techniques, to achieve fluency. I never really believed I would find those answers.

It was then a matter of practice to try and make, as I already said, those techniques natural. Only then would I know if they were going to work. At the time I did have a lot of time to practice. My life was not exactly hectic, I didn’t have children at that point; I was aged 22. I did put in a lot of work. You may have seen on other pages of this website just how determined I was to overcome the stammer. I just knew it would have a massive positive impact on my life if I could overcome the stammer. On average, I spent two to three hours per day practicing and it took me around three months of practice to enable those techniques to become natural and for me to effectively achieve fluency. Therefore it took around six months to develop the techniques and a further three months to make them natural.

Very happy after achieving fluency

The feeling of being able to speak free from the fear of stammering was just immense and I don’t think I really need to talk too much more about that. But that’s the kind of answer for Pete, or best answer I can provide because there’s no definitive answer.

Throughout the period, however long it takes, I am here to help in any way that I can after the course as well as during the course. After the course, when they’re really putting in those hours of practice, I welcome and encourage people to contact me to ask any questions that they have to seek additional guidance and to seek moral support. People can at times forget some of the things I may have said during the course and just need a little reminder. And at certain points, just someone to kind of say, “Yeah, you can do this, you can do this, keep going, keep going,” because it’s not just a steep upward curve to fluency, people have good and bad days.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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