How VoIP Can Improve Your Communication

Technology’s being used everywhere we look, from social conversation to formal job interviews and conference meetings.

Do you use Skype, or Messenger, or Face-Time?

If not, why not?

They are great tools for those looking to get a better understanding into how they communicate. For example, on Skype, people with a stammer can take advantage of the sound and echo testing service. Simply click to call, a message is read and you get ten seconds to say something before it’s played back to you.

It’s there to help you find out if your microphone is working correctly, but there’s no reason you can’t use it to practice your speech.

What you say in the first ten seconds of meeting someone for the first time is an important part reflecting how the conversation progresses. If you struggle with your introductory sentence, you’ll find conversations get uncomfortable quickly.

What can you say in ten seconds?

Hi there, my name is Steve. I’m aged 42, I live in Birmingham in England and I am a former stammerer.

If your stammer is bad and you struggle to fit a sentence in within that time, keep practicing and see how much you can say. The time limit will put pressure on you to say your piece. It’s that pressure that can cause you to trip up on certain words in pressure environments like job interviews.

Who do you have you can call?

Find someone you can speak to through any platform using a video call on Messenger, Face-Time or Skype. Provided both people have webcams active, you will be able to see the person you’re calling and a smaller screen will show yourself.

How VoIP Can Improve Your Communication

Not only can you practice speaking with real people but you can see how you look when you speak too. If ever the time comes when a potential employer asks to video interview you online, you’ll definitely want to have had the practice.

There are more employers using this option as the session times can be better controlled because the time the call has been running for is on display. Some only use video conferencing for the convenience but for larger companies with a lot of candidates to sift through, the attention will be drawn to the time of the call for time management purposes.

You will have limited time to get your views heard and prove why you’re the candidate to hire. You’ll do that much better when you’re comfortable with the technology you’re using and have the experience of using it.

Find someone you trust, feel comfortable speaking to, and ask them if they’d mind doing a half hour video call with you as often or as little as you like and you’ll learn a ton about your communication.

If you’re really uncomfortable with video calls, start with the sound testing service, because there’s no video there. It’s only your voice that’s recorded and then played back. You just don’t get the video feature since it’s a call testing service and not a webcam test.

Once you get more comfortable with it, jump on a call with a friend and get practicing. Watch your micro expressions on the screen and never mind the other persons. Focus on self-improvement by paying the most attention to your speech and facial expressions to see how good or not you really are at communicating.

The more you do it, the more you’ll learn. If you’re ever pushed into needing to do a video call, you’ll get on there with confidence.

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