Information about myself

Photo of steve hill

I welcome you to watch the video below where I describe more information about myself (Steve Hill). I have included the transcript below the video for those people that would prefer to read than watch a video.



Okay, in this video I am going to talk a little bit about myself, Steve Hill. I have talked plenty about the fact that I had a stammer, growing up from the ages of four until the age of twenty two. I have talked about the speech courses for stammering I now run from my own home in Birmingham. I’ve also talked about the self-help products that I have developed and plenty about how the stammer impacted on my life.

For the purposes of this short video, I thought I’d just talk a bit more, or a bit about—not more because I haven’t even done it yet—a bit about myself, just to kind of give you a little bit more information about what kind of things I like to do hobby-wise, etc.

I am aged 40, at the current date, 2013, towards the end of the 2013. I have two children, one of which, my daughter is aged nineteen and is currently studying at Liverpool University. She is my stepdaughter and she has lived with me and her mother since she was four years of age. She’s doing really well; she’s very much into sport and is doing a sports course at university. She doesn’t give me a lot of grief, really, for a nineteen year old, which is superb.

I also have a son who is aged thirteen, who is very much into IT and computer games and just generally doing what 13-year-old boys do, and very happy he is. He’s a really good lad and well behaved and intelligent. As parents we are very proud of him and our daughter.

Hobby-wise, I also love sports. I am a season ticket holder at Birmingham City Football Club, which for many people could be seen as not a pleasant experience and at times I have to say, it isn’t, but I have supported them since I was a four or five year old boy and I just love going to watch football, whether it’s to watch Birmingham City or to watch Kidderminster or to watch Alvechurch, I just love watching football. I love all sports though. I recently went to watch the tennis at the O2 in London and I very much enjoyed that. I play tennis myself, I play snooker, and just any sport, I adore.

I like to go to the cinema, I love going out for food, restaurants, etc. And I love travelling, going on holiday. This year I went to Egypt—in the kind of middle of all their troubles there, but we went to an area, Sharm el-Sheikh, which wasn’t particularly impacted at the time and hopefully will continue that way. In 2014, I have already booked a trip to Tunisia and also in 2012, as well as going to Lanzarote for a beach-type holiday, we visited Rome in Italy, and that was very, very interesting. We could have really done with a few more days there, we were there for four days, but that wasn’t really enough, in my opinion, but it was very enjoyable.

These are the kind of things that I enjoy to do, but basically I am very much a family man and very happy. I also love what I do career-wise in helping people who have a stammer to achieve fluency, so all in all, I’m a very, very, very lucky person. Thank you.