My Quest To Find A Stammering Therapy Specialist

Remember the days when broadband wasn’t in every home? When you wanted to know the latest news, the fastest thing was Ceefax!

Those were the days when at the ripe age of eighteen, I sat down with my parents and let them know the speech therapy they’d invested in for the past thirteen years to help potentially cure my stammer – was doing nothing close to achieving the results needed.

This was hardly shocking news for my parents as they were well aware of my lack of improvement. I did stammer way less however when talking to my parents in comparison to when talking to other people.

Over the years, a number of clients have told me that their situation was completely different, as even speaking to those close to them… words were always a struggle.

The closer people were to me, the more relaxed I was, and that came through in the way the words would flow out my mouth, to form complete sentences without the stammer disrupting it.

With complete strangers, or colleagues at work, it was a different kettle of fish.

One where nearly every sentence would cause a barrage of a roadblock, tripping over words left, right and centre.

As I explained the severity of the “problem” to my parents, they tried their best to help me in my search quest for a stammering therapy specialist, with no success.

The message was crystal clear from the so-called speech therapists that there was no cure. The only way forward was to accept the fact that speech wasn’t perfect and well… live with it.

Disappointed man

That was the message I was hearing and it was extremely disappointing.

There was no way in this world I could accept the fact that I’d have to consistently go through life only to settle for second best.

That’s when my journey really started.

This is when I stopped looking for a stammering therapy specialist and began a journey of self-education, studying the speech patterns that would evolve into my own set of “speech rules”.

Those speech rules were applied for around a year and they helped me achieve my lifelong dream of fluency.

At 23 years old, I’d achieved in a year, what couldn’t be done in thirteen years.

Shortly after that, around 1996, is when I started teaching the speech rules to others in the local area, going onto produce my self-help products so that anyone in every corner of the world can access the training that’s helped and continues to help people overcome their hurdles and achieve fluency.

If you’re reading this and are tired of the “accept it” message, then I’d encourage you to pick up the phone, or better yet, just pop an email over to me at

If you want to get on the phone with me, my landline telephone number is 0121 453 9208 and my mobile telephone number is 07967 549 070.

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