The Struggle To Speak Fluently On The Telephone For People Who Stammer

Imagine this: You want to order a barbeque pizza, but you can only order a Hawaiian because every word beginning with a “B” brings, or potentially brings, out the stammer.

Your career’s limited because you can only focus on getting through each telephone call one at a time, without a second thought for career progression.

That’s just not on the cards – period!

That was my life for eighteen horrendous years before I managed to overcome my stammer.

I knew I needed to achieve fluency if I were ever to achieve anything in life, but the only thing on my agenda, and top of my priorities list was keeping the office job I had.

I knew the line managers were thinking less of me, worrying about the reflection I had as a representative of a company, with every customer I picked up the phone to greet.

“Good morning, Stephen Hill here, [company name], how can I help you today?”

That one sentence, I can’t begin to tell you the amount of nights it kept me awake. Watching the clock go from one o’clock, to two o’clock, to three o’clock…

Stressed due to having a stammer

Knowing that with every passing hour of lost sleep because of the stress the stammer was likely to be worse the next day, as I would seemingly always stammer more when I was tired.

Driving into work, completely shattered, knowing that as I sat down at that desk in the open plan office, eyes were on me, prying ears were monitoring, and customers were mostly being greeted with utter garbage.

There was no two ways about it…

My career was going nowhere!

Stuck in a rut and settling for the office job that kept my life caged, stress levels elevated to the extreme, and with more sleep lost, more stammering progressed.

The complete opposite direction to what I needed to go.

Focus on the problem at hand and try my darn hardest to capitalise on every ounce of eagerness within me to accomplish the dream that would emerge from the stammering nightmare; the nightmare of stammering virtually every time I picked up that phone.

Knowing I could lose my job anytime, leading to more stress that I’d have the challenges stemming from more interviews with complete strangers.

It was through sheer determination in that rut of an office job that pushed me to chase the dream of fluency.

Getting through life without being able to speak fluently on a telephone has a dramatic effect on your career, and along with that, comes a decrease to your quality of life.

Fluency is possible.

I’m living proof of that today. Everything I taught myself to get out of the nightmare of a life caused by stammering…

I overcame it.

Today, I’m able to successfully pass on my knowledge, teaching the techniques I used to beat the stammer, and stop my tongue from tripping on every word with a “B” I had to utter.

The outcome of fluency is not just about speaking on the telephone. I know it’s much more than that:
• It’s empowerment
• It’s elevated self-confidence
• It’s enhanced employment prospects

It takes you away from settling for less and raising your profile for you to get ahead in life and no longer settle for less than you’re entitled to claim for life.

Steve Hill

0121 453 9208 / 07967 549 070

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