Why The New Digital Age Is Holding You Back From Speaking Better

You’d think with the ease of information these days that you’d be able to find a better way to speak more naturally than you would ever have been able to do before the era of the search engines.

Fact is: It’s not.

And the reason why it’s not easier now is because the old school method was to actually listen to people speaking smoothly. Watching television reruns of influential speakers, be it interviewers, news reporters, or even politicians.

These days, it’s Youtube clutter of people claiming to be able to speak and you can clearly hear the hesitation. They’re on camera so it’s probably nerves for most, but professional speakers – they are few and far between online.

Even Eckhardt Tolle, a spiritual teacher and big time in influencer in the self-improvement arena looks and sounds awkward on camera at times. It doesn’t stop him getting his message across though. Thousands of people fork out $19.95 each month to listen to his teachings.

Eckhardt Tolle

Eckhardt Tolle

While he may look uncomfortable on some of his videos, he’s still someone you may want to learn from. He certainly has more you can pick up about speaking than you’d learn from any book you read from the Kindle bookstore.

In fact, that platform is probably the worst place for stammering help. Anyone can self-publish there and there’s books in there you can pick up for as little as £0.99 thinking they’ve good advice, then you open it up and find out right away, it’s an author with no idea, or even the faintest hint of knowledge around the subject. They’re more or less telling you to practice yoga and meditate.

Old school methods are what worked and still do. Listen to the radio because those DJs and talk show hosts need to sound the part to get the gig. Television presenters go through years of training, and only get better with experience.

If you want to smoothen your speech, go old school. Smooth your speech is just that. Talking smoother and naturally. It’s not shooting for the stars with the ultimate goal of curing your stammer because let’s face it – it ain’t gonna happen.

Many a program has the selling points of “cure your stammer”, but none of them deliver. The only thing anyone or any training for that matter can promise is better speech.

When you can reach a point of speaking smoothly, without hesitation or judgment.

The way to mastery is through self-education. Learning yourself by listening to others talking and picking up tad bits of how they do what they’re doing and then practicing the techniques yourself.

It’s how I did it and it’s why I have audio books and the DVD option for others to learn. That’s not to say you need that to help you speak more fluently because the only thing you need to take action on, sooner rather than later, is to choose carefully who you listen to online and have better control of the information you consume.

Listen to poor speakers for long enough; their bad habits will rub off on you.

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