Your privacy is our priority, and it’s important you know how we collect information about you, while you’re using, browsing and interacting on our website here at

The following information outlines the privacy policy you and us adhere to:

Information on Your Personal Identification:

There may be a number of ways in which we’ll obtain some personal identifiable information about you.

When you place an order with us, subscribe via email to any newsletters, take part in a survey we may conduct from time to time, or even fill out our contact form, we may obtain some of your personal details.

Those are examples of when we’d collect that data, but it’s not limited to those. There may be other activities integrated occasionally for testing and analysis purposes, which could present us with your personal information too.

We only collect this personal identifiable information, when you voluntarily submit those details.

Should you wish to withhold any information that would divulge your personal information to us, it will prevent access to our services. For example, we would need your personal details to fulfil any orders placed. If you don’t want to divulge your personal information, we would advise that some of our services and other site activities won’t be available.

Non-personal information about you:

We use web analytics services, which may give us information such as your IP address and the location you’re accessing the site from. It can also provide us data about the browser you use to access our website as well as the device, such as Blackberry mobile, or any other Smartphone technology. We may also collate information about your operating system, and may extend that to the ISP you use, for security purposes.

This information is used to help us improve our services and our website performance, and won’t give us any personal identifiable information about you.

About our website cookies:

In order for our website to run efficiently and enhance your experience, our site may use cookies. These are placed in your web browser.

These cookies are stored on your hard drive.

You can disable cookies in your web browser from within the settings option. Please note that when cookies are disabled it may render some parts of our website and services inaccessible.

How we use the information collected:

On occasions, when does collect personal identifiable information, the following outlines how we may use that data:

The data can assist us to improve our customer service to you. The information provided by yourself, can assist us to provide you with any customer support issues arising on the site, or with any of our services.

•The data collected allows us to get a better understanding of our audience. This helps us to improve the services offered as well as any web development necessary to improve user experience.

•On occasions when users provide us with feedback, we can act on that information to improve our services.

•Your data may be used for payment processing purposes of each individual order placed.

None of your personal information will be shared with third party companies, with the exception of when it’s necessary to provide a service to you.

In the event that we conduct a survey, run a promotional event, or a contest is running, we may use the information to contact you. That is only if you have agreed to receive relevant updates from us though. You won’t be contacted with unsolicited mailings.

When you give us permission to contact you, we may send periodic emails, to the email address you specify to us. This will be used to send you information pertaining to your orders and business with us.

We may also use your specified email to address any customer issues or technical glitches reported to us, or any other inquiries that require us to respond to you as part of our customer services.

Should you choose to opt-in to our permission based email newsletters, we may send you relevant industry news as well as our own business news.

You’ll be alerted to our service announcements, and important updates to our service. We may also send you related product news that could be of interest to you. From time to time, some products may be mentioned from third parties, which we may receive a financial incentive for introducing you to. These will be disclosed where applicable.

Should you decide to opt into our newsletter, you will always have the option within each email to unsubscribe yourself from our mailing list, should you wish to. This is located at the bottom of each email with instructions on how to remove your email address from our company newsletter.

Any sharing that may happen with your personal information:

Your personal details will never be sold, traded, or loaned out to any third party companies.

What we may do on occasion though is share demographic related information to third party business associates. The demographic information is used as an aggregate towards activities such as surveys, advertising, or providing demographic information to affiliates of our business.

Some of these services may require us to use outside parties to assist us with service delivery.

Some service provisions such as delivery of newsletters may require your personal details to be shared with those trusted business partners. This is only used to help us administer our services to you, and only when we have your permission to do so.

Changes to our privacy page:

Administrators of hold the discretion to alter this privacy page at their discretion. We would advise that you check back periodically for policy revisions put in place to protect your privacy on our website.

To use our services, we do advise that it is your responsibility to review our privacy policies, to be sure you’re satisfied with the way we conduct business relating to your personal identifiable information.

How you accept the terms of our privacy policy:

When you continue to use our website, you’ll acknowledge acceptance of our privacy terms. If you don’t agree to the policy terms as set out in this page, then we have to advise that you not to use our website or services. By continuing to browse or use, you will be accepting the terms outlined on this privacy page.

How you can get in contact with us:

Please refer to our contacts page

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