Self-help products

I have developed several self-help stammering therapy products including a DVD, an e-book and an audiobook. These are mainly aimed at providing help for people who are unable to attend the one-to-one speech courses.

The reason I developed these products was due to the fact that I was receiving a large number of e-mails from people who lived in countries such as The United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India, naming but a few, enquiring about the types of stammering treatment that I offer.

These people were looking for help; however, they were unable to attend a course in England due to where they lived. I had a little think and thought, how can I go about helping these people? I decided that if I could package up the main parts of the stammering course, what I class as the backbone of the course, such as the how to stop stammering techniques, the types of practice that I did myself when overcoming my own stammer, the amount of practice that I suggest people should be doing, plus the other main parts of the course, if I could put that into a visual form, such as a DVD, into an audio form (an audiobook), into a written form, such as an e-book, then that could be of benefit to people.

Once those self-help products were made available online, it was quite interesting because the original plan, as I’ve already said, was that it would be of benefit and help to these people from abroad. However, the products were also very popular with people from the UK and this was quite a surprise to me because I would have suggested and believed that because they are able, or the majority of them are able, to attend a stammering course that that is what they would do. Because that alternative self-help option was there, then that is what a lot of people then chose to do. Which again, was a shock initially, but I can understand it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is and my telephone number is 07967 549 070.

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