The stammering course

I run three and five-day stammering courses which are on a one-to-one basis. They are held in Torquay, England.

The three-day course fee is £750, and the five-day stammering course fee is £950.

The original idea to running and developing these courses came about after I had successfully managed to overcome my own stammer, when I was aged twenty-two, and you can read about how I went about doing that and also about the type of stammer that I had on some of the other pages of this website. For this page, I’m going to be purely focusing on the stammering courses.

The stammering course

The three-day course is for people who have previously purchased one of my self-help products, such as the DVD, the e-book, or the audiobook, and who will have therefore gained access to what I call “the backbone of the course” via those self-help products and are therefore able to attend a shorter course.

I believe it takes a lot of bottle (courage) for somebody to attend a course. They’re going into the kind of unknown, not sure what to expect, even though they may have spoken to me on the phone, asked questions about the course, or they may have contacted me via email, it can still be somewhat daunting.

For that reason, on the first day, I usually do the majority of the talking, starting by talking a little bit about myself, about the type of stammer that I had, how it impacted on my life etc. I talk about some of the techniques of “how to stop stammering” and again, on that first day, obviously try to make the course attendee feel as welcome as possible. As the course moves on to the second, third, fourth and fifth days, the course attendee becomes a lot more involved talking wise in the course, practicing the techniques that I have taught, and asking any questions they may have.

At the end of the course, that is not the end of things. People do not simply go home to be left to their own devices. I encourage and welcome people to stay in contact with me so that I can continue to help them with their speech and to continue to answer any questions that may arise.

To achieve fluency is a huge, huge thing. It makes a massive difference to people’s lives. When people achieve fluency, they are obviously extremely happy, but I am also extremely happy as we’ve been on that journey together. Once the course attendee manages to achieve that successful conclusion, I don’t just want that to be it; I want to hear about their future successes as well. This is another reason why I encourage people to keep in touch.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve written here or if you want to book onto the course, please feel free to contact me. My email address is, and my telephone number is 07967 549 070.

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